2017  Wandin Junior Football Club has the following Sponsorship packages avaliable.
ALL Sponsorship includes Advertising on our Club Website. Please speak to Michael Napoleone 0408 337 153.


  • Gold Sponsorship
  • Silver Sponsorship
  • Bronze Sponsorship

GOLD – $2000 – $5000 Negotiable
Game day jumper sponsorship, Training jumper sponsorship, Training Singlet sponsorship 5 year sponsorship deal and once off payment
Negotiable, depending on what is needed each year. For 2016 we have managed to get new sponsorship for the training singlets and have currently secured sponsorship for new game day jumpers.
Includes sponsor representation on front and or back depending on negotiations, Club newsletter write ups and continual verbal recognition and promotion at club functions.

SILVER – $750
Cost for new sign is $750 and $500 ongoing for second year and onwards
Includes ground signage, size 3mtrs x 800ml. Visible from the club rooms.
Club Newsletter Advertisement (business card size) distributed at each home game through the season as well as verbal recognition and promotion at club functions.

Once off payment that lasts the season.
A. Game day Quarter time Huddle banners – Maximum 5 sponsors per banner represented on banner. $300 per company/business.
B. Front Page Advertising – Includes ½ page Advertisement on newsletter front page for season $300
C. Back Page Advertising – Includes full page Advertisement on newsletter back page for season $200
D. Full Page Advertisement Inside newsletter – Includes full page Advertisement inside newsletter for the season $200
E. ½ PAGE Advertisement inside newsletter – Includes ½ page Advertisement inside newsletter for the season $150
F. Business Card Advertisement – Includes business card size advertisement inside newsletter for season $100
G. Canteen Award/Game Day – Annual age group canteen sponsor game day award $75
H. Goods and services donation – Negotiable. Can be used as prizes for raffles for fundraising and prizes at Doggie Dinners and club events.
*Newsletter advertising – 250-300 plus newsletters are circulated for every home game.